Olivia Obiero


Olivia Obiero is a Manager in the Banking and Financial Services domain of MSC. She provides support to financial institutions in market research, product development, process re-engineering, risk management, and credit operations, among others.

Olivia has extensive experience in leading and executing technical tasks or work streams across various areas, such as SME finance, market research and product development, monitoring and evaluation, institutional and risk assessment, and capacity building. She has conducted several assignments across Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Malawi for various financial institutions including Jamii Bora Bank, Equity Bank of Kenya, Opportunity Bank of Malawi, etc.  

Posts by Olivia Obiero

Free virtual training on Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions

Olivia Obiero and Anant Tiwari, deliver a FREE virtual training on “Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions in the backdrop of COVID-19”, through a three-hour interactive session.

Digital transformation for financial institutions- Opportunity and impact

Digital transformation offers financial institutions better efficiency, more customers, and greater profits. It can also provide an edge to the post-COVID recovery of organizations. Here’s how Equity bank transformed itself and increased profitability in the face of various adversities.

Six aspects financial institutions must consider if they wish to serve young people

Many financial service providers (FSPs) wish to serve youth but lack appropriate products and services that suit their needs. In this blog, we highlight prominent aspects that financial institutions need to focus on as they design and deliver financial services to youth.

Why should financial institutions focus on youth?

Financial Service Providers (FSPs) have embraced the drive to promote financial inclusion. However, many feel that the investment made in reaching out to these segments may not be commensurate with the benefits they stand to gain. In this blog, we discuss how FSPs can determine whether it is worth serving certain segments and we specifically focus on the business case to serve the youth.

Impact of COVID-19 on youth- Opportunities and challenges on youth livelihoods.

This video highlights MSC’s analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on youth and the immediate steps which the government and private stakeholders have taken to support youth livelihoods during this crisis. It also touches on what more these two key players can do to ensure the interventions put in place are sustainable for the long-term.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs)- Kenya report

This report provides a detailed country-level view of the impact of COVID-19 on micro, small, and medium enterprises in Kenya. It also highlights their coping strategies and provides recommendations for policymakers and financial service providers to support them.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on CICO agents- Kenya report

This report highlights the impact of COVID-19 on CICO (cash-in and cash-out) agents in Kenya and the issues they have faced while delivering financial services since the onset of the pandemic. It also offers recommendations to policymakers and digital financial service providers to address key concerns and help CICO agents continue their services.

The rise of gig economy and how its shaping the employment space in Africa

Olivia Obiero Nganga in a studio interview with K24 TV discussing how the gig economy has the potential to decrease unemployment rates amongst youth, through providing an avenue to meaningful engagement with the formal economy.