Vera Bersudskaya

Policy and Research Consultant

Vera is currently working as an Impact Fellow at Next Wave Impact. One of the driving goals of Next Wave Impact is to increase diversity in angel investing and high growth entrepreneurship.

Vera worked as a Market Insights Manager at MSC, from October 2015 to December 2017. Her experience spans digital transformation, impact investing, access to finance, economic development, education, and gender equality. After leaving MSC, she has worked with PHB Development and Echoing Green as a Consultant. Vera has a track record of international research design and execution to inform policy, business and program strategy and operations in for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Posts by Vera Bersudskaya

Three Areas DFS Providers Prioritise to Enhance Agent Networks

The blog highlights three areas where Digital finance service providers need to priortise to enhance agent networks.

Re-imagining agent network management- What have we learnt?

This report is an aggregate of the data and the lessons learnt by the Helix Institute on how to design and develop an agent network throughout the four years that we have conducted the ANA project.

How Smart are Smartphone Lending Apps in Kenya?

Smartphone-based products in Kenya have been touted for their potential to improve the user experience for digital financial services, particularly among low literacy customers.

Three steps to keeping bank agents happy

This blog recommends three ways that banks can ensure their agents are happy and actively engaged in the agency business

Bench marking customer to agent ratios

This blog shares some insight on how DFS providers can benchmark customers to agent ratios

Where credit is due – Customer experience of digital credit in Kenya

The research examined the process of applying for loans from different providers as well as conducting individual interviews with borrowers to understand their needs, aspirations, perceptions, and behaviors.

Getting it right: Why counting mobile money agents accurately matters

A person cannot decide to use a financial service until it has been extended within their reach. This blog explores why the counting of mobile money agents accurately is a critical aspect of financial inclusion

Targeting agent activity to increase returns

This blog shows how providers should track their agent inactivity carefully to understand its causes and remedies to ensure they have increased and profitable returns