Mimansa Khanna


Mimansa is working as a Manager in MSC’s Banking, Financial Services and Insurance domain.

She is a development professional with over six years of experience in research and consulting in the field of financial inclusion, clean energy, sustainable livelihoods, social research, among others. She is a keen researcher and has experience in diverse geographies within India. She has worked closely on projects with the Government of India, foundations, multilateral organizations, philanthropic organizations, MFIs, and community-based institutions. Her areas of expertise include project management and implementation, market assessments with the low-income segments, participatory qualitative research, user experience research, quantitative research, and data analysis.  

Posts by Mimansa Khanna

Response to COVID-19 in Bangladesh

This report discusses the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of low- and middle-income (LMI) people in Bangladesh toward COVID-19 and its impact on their lives. It also provides recommendations for policymakers to design suitable interventions that can help the LMI segment recover from the pandemic.

COVID-19 management by local governments: Is there a mantra to follow?

Customer-centric policies and initiatives of the local government are crucial for the management of COVID-19. In India, aspirational districts are pioneering simple yet effective measures to address the immediate needs of the community. This note presents bottom-up measures taken in the Goalpara district, Assam

Coping with COVID-19 in Bangladesh

The report discusses what the LMI segments know, understand, and feel about the COVID-19 outbreak and examines its effect on them. The report also highlights actionable recommendations for policymakers to design suitable interventions that can help the LMI segment cope better in this difficult situation

We are looking up to business correspondents in the pandemic; but what are they looking at?

The business correspondent (BC) network in India has become indispensable for last-mile financial service delivery across urban and rural centers. In light of the current pandemic, our note highlights the challenges BC agents face while providing services in far-flung unbanked areas.

Why does research matter in human-centered design

Human-centered design often stumbles due to inadequate research. This note emphasizes the importance of research to gain rich customer-centric insights—the most important element of HCD.

India Needs More Women Business Correspondent Agents

The blog highlights why India needs more women business correspondent agents

Agent Network Accelerator Research Survey – India Country Report 2017

MicroSave conducted the second wave of the ANA survey India in 2017. This wave of ANA builds on the findings of the first wave undertaken in 2015.

Agent Network Accelerator Research – Pakistan Country Report 2017

The second wave of the survey for Pakistan, funded by Karandaaz Pakistan, investigates how Pakistan’s mobile money market has evolved since the previous wave of the study in 2014.