Jakirul Islam

Jakirul Islam was working as Country Programme management consultant with MicroSave Consulting(MSC).

He has 12+ years of emerging market experiences in Telecom, Banking & Fintech New Biz Development within M/E-commerce/MFS/DFS & VAS out of total 14+ years professional career. Currently working as Country Programme Manager for various DFS/MFS national level researches and projects in Bangladesh. He has played significant role in successfully launching UNCDF SHIFT programme in Bangladesh and pioneering successful DFS/MFS/mCommerce projects roll out nationwide.

Posts by Jakirul Islam

Coping with COVID-19 in Bangladesh

The report discusses what the LMI segments know, understand, and feel about the COVID-19 outbreak and examines its effect on them. The report also highlights actionable recommendations for policymakers to design suitable interventions that can help the LMI segment cope better in this difficult situation

Is it the right time to push for wallet interoperability in Bangladesh?

Covid-19 is impacting people’s lives in multiple ways. With restrictions on movements and fear of getting infected, people are staying homes. While this is the right thing to do, one still need to purchase household essentials and send money to relatives who need it. Essential services industries also need constant cash flows and payments. Jamal […]

The DFS ecosystem in Bangladesh

This note highlights regulatory developments that enabled the digital financial services (DFS) landscape of Bangladesh to evolve. It also discusses the future outlook and key focus areas for the country to drive the agenda of financial inclusion in 2020.

Agent network accelerator survey: Bangladesh report 2016

This report highlights findings on the DFS agent landscape in Bangladesh covering agent profitability, transaction volumes, liquidity management and other important strategic considerations.