Priyal Advani


Priyal Advani is an associate in MSC’s Digital Inclusive Development domain in India.

She has gained relevant work experience through internships with international non-profits, corporate banks, and EdTech institutions. Priyal has been working on a project meant to understand the challenges and needs of different target segments in rural India to help them progress in their livelihood activities. Her areas of expertise include secondary research, project implementation, tool design for qualitative and quantitative research, public relations, primary research, and data analysis.

Before joining MSC, Priyal interned with the Large Clients Group at ICICI Bank. She holds a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in economics from the Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, India. She is fluent in Hindi and English.

Posts by Priyal Advani

The six village story – India: An assessment of the real gap in financial inclusion

MSC conducted The Real Gap study with 2,862 individuals from 958 households across six villages. The study intended to unpack the on-ground status of financial inclusion. It used a complete enumeration method for data collection and covered 150-200 households across each of the six selected villages.