Mimansa Khanna

Senior Manager

Mimansa Khanna is a Senior Manager in MSC’s Digital Inclusive Development (DID) domain.

Mimansa is a development professional with over 8 years of experience of closely working with the government, bi-lateral/multilateral donor agencies, regulators, Financial Institutions, across Asia and Africa. Her areas of expertise include project management and implementation, program design, developing products, design thinking, development of innovative solutions for inclusive finance. Her areas of work also include evidence-based policy development, behavioural research, designing research tools (quantitative and qualitative), participatory research, customer-centric research, and market insights.  

Posts by Mimansa Khanna

Agent Network Accelerator Research Survey – India Country Report 2017

MicroSave conducted the second wave of the ANA survey India in 2017. This wave of ANA builds on the findings of the first wave undertaken in 2015.

Agent Network Accelerator Research – Pakistan Country Report 2017

The second wave of the survey for Pakistan, funded by Karandaaz Pakistan, investigates how Pakistan’s mobile money market has evolved since the previous wave of the study in 2014.