Bhavana Srivastava

Associate Director

Bhavana is a financial services consultant with over 20 years of experience of which 16 years have been in microfinance, SME lending, and project management. Her core expertise lies in due diligence and assessment of MFIs, SME banks and other FIs; and design and implementation of large-scale financial sector programmes that seek to enhance access to finance for low-income households and the bottom of pyramid markets; and project management. The current focus of her work is in managing large-scale access to finance projects in several countries. Bhavana has managed and evaluated projects financed by the World Bank, IFC, DFID, IFAD, ADB, AfD, and FMO in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam. She has also designed a number of financial inclusion programmes funded by international agencies and was a core team member for implementation, monitoring & supervision of microfinance programme of the apex wholesale microfinance lender in India.

Posts by Bhavana Srivastava

Gender centrality of mobile financial services in Bangladesh

This consumer behavior research aims to investigate why this is so, examining the gender centrality in digital financial services (DFS) in Bangladesh. The study focused only on mobile financial services as the most prevalent form of DFS in Bangladesh.

A comprehensive framework for gender centrality in financial services

This briefing note introduces MSC’s gender centrality framework and explains how financial service providers and policymakers can help to promote the gender equality.

Redeeming the pledge on gender equality

Across the globe, a billion women remain financially excluded, with a gender gap of 9% persisting stubbornly in developing countries.

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India Needs More Women Business Correspondent Agents

The blog highlights why India needs more women business correspondent agents

Myths Busted, New Evidence Generated: ANA India Wave II Study has a Lot to Tell – Stay Tuned

The blog presents highlights from the Agent Network Aceellerator Wave II Research.

Study on adoption of cashlite among MFIs in India

MicroSave, with support from MFIN, conducted this study to capture the experience of cash-lite/cashless models adopted by MFIs in India. The report identifies ways to accelerate the adoption of cash-lite models.

Understanding the financial behaviour of the mass market: The key to financial inclusion

23This study is an extension of the work that MicroSave has been doing over the years on understanding how different types of people practice money management. It draws from industry literature on the subject, such as the financial diaries in Bangladesh, Kenya, Mexico, and Zambia.