Abhishek Gupta


Abhishek is an Assistant Manager in Research, Innovative Programmes and Evaluation (RIPE) domain of MSC India.

His areas of interests include behavioral economics, human-centered design, and qualitative & quantitative research. He has worked intensively over a year on the pro-poor tourism concept, improving the value chain prospects for the traditional artisans engaged in the creative economies. He is also very well versed with the mental models that inform the financial behaviors of the mass market customers, for achieving financial inclusion.

Posts by Abhishek Gupta

EasyPlan: Simple and digital savings for LMIs

This blog examines EasyPlan, a new-age digital savings app that allows low- and middle-income segments to overcome their chronic state of under-saving. Read on to see how EasyPlan makes use of various behavioral nudges (including gamification) to make customers save more and better.

Creative economies as a gateway to pro-poor tourism in India

The paper discusses the role that creative economies can play in transforming the tourist regions as engines of youth employment growth and upskilling.

Redeeming the pledge on gender equality

Across the globe, a billion women remain financially excluded, with a gender gap of 9% persisting stubbornly in developing countries.

Understanding Demand for Financial Products Among Young Women in Central Java

This paper understands the demand for financial products among young women in Central Java. 

Crafting a Visual Identity for MI4ID

This is the story of how MicroSave created a visual identity for Market Insights for Innovation & Design (MI4ID)

Crafting a visual identity for MI4ID

This is the story of how we created a visual identity for Market Insights for Innovation & Design (MI4ID). A signature approach to product development and innovation, MI4ID is the culmination of MicroSave’s two-decade journey to understand the lives of the low-income segment. The MI4ID logo embraces MicroSave’s heritage while highlighting MI4ID’s vision and values. Through this story, […]

Addressing the Soil Health Crisis in India

The Prime Minister in India launched a “Soil Health Card” (SHC) scheme to rejuvenate India’s exhausted soil. How behavioural approach can help in understanding the needs of the farmers