Abhishek Gupta


Abhishek worked as an Assistant Manager in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance domain of MSC India.

Abhishek is tasked with the execution of various consulting projects and works to bring the elements of behavioral economics and design thinking into the research. He has worked in different sectors like financial inclusion, FinTech, tourism, and gender equity. Abhishek holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Management from the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA).

Posts by Abhishek Gupta

Opinion | Designing financial products for women

Current financial service models conflate women with ‘family’, considering them merely an avenue to pursue social welfare

Digital ROSCA—the new kid on the block

Millions of low-income people across the world use ROSCAs as instruments of savings and credit. Since these people are susceptible to income volatility, ROSCAs give them the unique option to pursue a savings goal, as well as an opportunity to build social capital and creditworthiness.

When inclusion is not inclusive: What needs to change to achieve meaningful financial Inclusion for women

Financial inclusion sector’s combined efforts have not succeeded in making an impact on women. Mainly for reasons – significant variations in their behaviour and ecosystem players generally overlooking gender centrality in the design of financial products and services

EasyPlan: Simple and digital savings for LMIs

This blog examines EasyPlan, a new-age digital savings app that allows low- and middle-income segments to overcome their chronic state of under-saving. Read on to see how EasyPlan makes use of various behavioral nudges (including gamification) to make customers save more and better.

Creative economies as a gateway to pro-poor tourism in India

The paper discusses the role that creative economies can play in transforming the tourist regions as engines of youth employment growth and upskilling.

Redeeming the pledge on gender equality

Across the globe, a billion women remain financially excluded, with a gender gap of 9% persisting stubbornly in developing countries.

Understanding Demand for Financial Products Among Young Women in Central Java

This paper understands the demand for financial products among young women in Central Java. 

Crafting a Visual Identity for MI4ID

This is the story of how MicroSave created a visual identity for Market Insights for Innovation & Design (MI4ID)