Assistant Manager

Mitali is an Assistant Manager in MSC’s Digital Financial Services domain, focused in Payments & Distribution.

Her experience lies in financial inclusion and AgriTech space. She has worked on projects commissioned by the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB), MetLife Foundation, JP Morgan and Chase (JPMC) Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). All her experience is in India.

Posts by Mitali

How have low-income communities embraced digital payments in India?

This is the first blog in a three-blog series on the whitepaper titled “How Digital Payments Drive Financial Inclusion in India. The series is built around the whitepaper, which provides evidence-backed insights on the evolution of digital payments in India and the current barriers and triggers for providers and users. It also covers critical use cases that can steer the shift toward digital payments for the mass market—and the concerted efforts needed from different stakeholders to make that shift possible.

The last-mile reach: Postal banks across the globe that serve the rural and the remote

Postal banks have existed and played a key role for different customer segments in several countries. In this blog, the second of this series, we highlight the best practices postal banks across different countries have adopted and implemented to serve their customers under the 2T2P approach.

Postal banks: A stepping stone to the formal financial system?

This blog is part 1 of a two-part series. The blog highlights the immense potential of postal banks to spearhead financial inclusion. It covers parameters that financial institutions, including postal banks, should address to serve low- and moderate-income customers effectively. We look closely at the challenges postal banks face across the globe and how they manage them. We highlight approaches and practices that can guide postal banks in their journey of innovation and mission to improve the lives of the unserved—especially in emerging and transitioning economies.

India Post Payments Bank: Overcoming distance and distrust amongst the unbanked

India Post Payments Bank’s phygital facilitation model has started to bridge the financial inclusion gap by helping underserved segments access and gain confidence in digital financial services. This blog offers lessons for global financial institutions that want to build robust strategies, launch new lines of pro-poor products, and unlock efficiencies in the distribution of financial services through capacity-building initiatives.

How has IPPB improved financial inclusion in India through a differentiated banking approach?

India Post Payments Bank is one of the most successful payments banks in India. Its collaboration model has created a positive impact to bridge the financial inclusion gap. This blog offers lessons for financial institutions across the globe that want to build robust strategies, launch new lines of pro-poor products, and unlock efficiencies in distribution through capacity-building initiatives.

Yes!poho: Weaving a growth story for the handloom industry

Yes!poho is an experience-based social platform that connects handloom artisans and customers directly using technology. Its technology layer helps cut down the intermediaries involved in the supply chain, improving the artisan incomes. Read its success story to know how it has impacted the weaving community positively.

Jumpstarting the savings journey for low- and moderate-income people in Vietnam

Saving after managing expenses remains a priority for low- and moderate-income (LMI) people in Vietnam who aspire to lead a better life, absorb income shocks, and strengthen financial resilience. However, formal savings remain a challenge, particularly in rural areas. MSC proposes a three-pronged approach to foster small savings for LMI people in Vietnam using technology, smart product design, and innovative distribution platforms. Read our blog to find out more.

Fundfina: A journey to tap a hidden multi-million MSME market in India

Fundfina is a digital lending platform providing access to formal credit to micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in India. This blog explores Fundfina’s journey and the positive impact it hopes to create on the MSE sector of the country.