Disha Bhavnani

Disha Bhavnani is a Manager in the Digital Financial Services - Payments and Distribution.

Disha Bhavnani has around six years of experience in the inclusive finance sector gained through projects with banks, agent network operators, mobile money operators, government departments, insurance agencies, clean energy product manufacturers, international funding agencies, MFIs, and community-based institutions in India, Bangladesh, and Samoa Islands. Before joining MSC, Disha was an Assistant Manager at ESAF Microfinance—a microfinance institution based in Kerala that is now a small finance bank. She has worked on projects commissioned by FMO Netherlands, BMGF, CGAP, AFI, Nathan Associates, NITI Aayog, JP Morgan Chase, PFIP, among others.  

Posts by Disha Bhavnani

Predominant Cash-in Cash-out (CICO) models in India

This deck highlights the predominant cash-in and cash-out (CICO) agent models in India across an agent’s lifecycle. It uses MSC’s extensive experience in the agent space from across the globe, and synthesizes it for industry players.

“How did the new pricing strategy increase the income for Eko agents?” – Lessons from a pilot with Eko India Financial Services

Incentives remain a critical factor besides others to steer agents’ decision-making to onboard or continue their business with a particular agent network manager (ANM). The level of compensation affects the motivation of BC agents and, in turn, the quality of service they provide through these agent outlets. This deck analyzes the journey of the FinTech platform Eko and how its new incentive structure for its large network of agents impacted their business.

Would a Business Correspondent Network Manager’s (BCNM’s) strategy to customize incentive structure change the agent business?

This blog focuses on Eko – a leading FinTech platform providing tools, opportunities, and credit to ambitious individuals. Eko is a new-age banking correspondent network manager (BCNM) driving financial inclusion through its network of 200,000 agents. The blog looks at incentives for agents and Eko’s strategy to improve the incentive structure for its agents with support from MSC.

Jumpstarting the savings journey for low- and moderate-income people in Vietnam

Saving after managing expenses remains a priority for low- and moderate-income (LMI) people in Vietnam who aspire to lead a better life, absorb income shocks, and strengthen financial resilience. However, formal savings remain a challenge, particularly in rural areas. MSC proposes a three-pronged approach to foster small savings for LMI people in Vietnam using technology, smart product design, and innovative distribution platforms. Read our blog to find out more.

EasyPlan: Easing the middle-income segment into a more robust savings behavior

EasyPlan is a platform that helps the middle-income segment in India invest simply and conveniently through its digital savings app. This blog examines EasyPlan’s journey in identifying its target audience to refine the services it provides on its platform.

Fundfina: A journey to tap a hidden multi-million MSME market in India

Fundfina is a digital lending platform providing access to formal credit to micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in India. This blog explores Fundfina’s journey and the positive impact it hopes to create on the MSE sector of the country.

Wonderlend Hubs (WLH): Alternate route to credit history

Read to see the journey of WonderLend Hubs, a company that provides Machine Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS), as it implements this fascinating service to become the credit gateway for India’s low-to middle-income segments.

munshiG: Digital assistant for grocery stores

How do technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing transform our shopping experiences at the local grocery store? Read this fascinating blog about munshiG, a fintech start-up, to know more.