Ishita Sharma


Ishita Sharma is a Manager in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance domain of MSC India

Ishita is a financial inclusion consultant with experience of working with microfinance institutions, microinsurance providers, NBFIs and SME focussed financial institutions in South Asian markets including India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Her key areas of work include microfinance, savings, SME finance, micro-insurance, and pensions. Her areas of expertise include project management, market research, landscape studies, analysis through behavior mapping, institutional capacity building, and strategic business planning.

Posts by Ishita Sharma

We are looking up to business correspondents in the pandemic; but what are they looking at?

The business correspondent (BC) network in India has become indispensable for last-mile financial service delivery across urban and rural centers. In light of the current pandemic, our note highlights the challenges BC agents face while providing services in far-flung unbanked areas.

Helping MSMEs get back on their feet – Insights from MSMEs in the Philippines that have overcome disasters

The COVID pandemic is a “grey swan” event—a known unknown. MSMEs are among the hardest hit by its economic fallout. In this piece, we analyze how MSMEs cope with analogous grey swan events like disasters and draw parallels to suggest ideas on immediate relief and policy perspectives to build long-term resilience.

Digital transformation of MFIs in Bangladesh opportunities, challenges and way forward

With the entry of FinTech firms in Bangladesh and the government’s aim to build an inclusive digital financial ecosystem, it is now imperative for the microfinance sector in Bangladesh to move towards digital transformation. UNCDF SHIFT commissioned MSC to conduct a study on the status of digitization in the microfinance sector in Bangladesh. This report examines the status of digitization in the microfinance sector in Bangladesh, technology options, and the next steps towards digital transformation.