Manoj Pandey


Manoj Kumar Pandey worked as a Manager in MSC’s Inclusive Finance and Banking Domain for Asia.

Manoj Pandey worked as a Senior Manager in MSC's Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Domain in Asia and leads the insurance and social security efforts. He brings over more than ten years of experience gained through projects and collaborations with insurers, commercial and development banks, Fintechs, DFS players,  international funding agencies, international NGOs and development organizations in India, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Laos, Luxembourg, and Vietnam. His areas of expertise include inclusive insurance, inclusive banking and digital financial services and climate change & disaster risk mitigation solutions. He specializes in product development, strategy formulation for distribution, sector-specific studies, process and policy evaluations, and re-engineering on all aspects related to inclusive finance and social security.

Posts by Manoj Pandey

Helping MSMEs get back on their feet – Insights from MSMEs in the Philippines that have overcome disasters

The COVID pandemic is a “grey swan” event—a known unknown. MSMEs are among the hardest hit by its economic fallout. In this piece, we analyze how MSMEs cope with analogous grey swan events like disasters and draw parallels to suggest ideas on immediate relief and policy perspectives to build long-term resilience.

The economies have been hit already—we now need palliatives and ultimately cures

An economic pandemic is upon us as the COVID-19 infection continues to spread around world, affecting a billion people from the low-income segment. Our blog looks at why policymakers need a feedback loop of evidence-based information for governments to develop and deploy effective policy measures.

Developing micro-insurance ecosystem in Mozambique

The insurance industry and the culture of insurance in Mozambique are in an evolving stage. Given the current state of micro-insurance in Mozambique, it is very essential to have a focused approach towards developing an enabling ecosystem in Mozambique.

MI4ID Training – Manoj Pandey

Manoj Pandey is Senior Analyst at MicroSave. In this video, he talks about application of MI4ID approach in projects like Designing a micro-pensions product in Cambodia to designing access to agriculture insurance solutions in Markets like Ethiopia

Bundling to Make Agriculture Insurance Work

Bundling agriculture insurance with other services that form part of the agricultural value chain, like credit and farming inputs, is emerging as a solution to help make insurance more tangible and get better outreach and scale faster, manifesting into better economic and social outcomes. A key insight emerging from the cases analysed is that, to […]

Securing the Masses: An Assessment of Jan Suraksha Schemes

Jan Suraksha is India’s tryst to insure its masses. The focus of the study was on the last mile of Jan Suraksha scheme i.e, Bank Mitrs and customers.