Puneet Chopra


Puneet Chopra heads the Banking and Product Development, Agriculture and Allied Services, and Private Sector Development Domain at MSC.

He is an expert in business planning, strategy and operations, consumer research, product development, and innovation. Puneet specializes in distribution channels, marketing, process re-engineering, and project and program management. With a career spanning over two decades, he has diverse experience in various roles and capacities across banking, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, information technology, media, entertainment, and transportation industries.

Posts by Puneet Chopra

Enhancing resilience of smallholder farmers against climate change—can parametric agricultural insurance make a difference?

Parametric insurance solutions can offer smallholder farmers in developing countries an accessible, reliable, and affordable way to protect themselves. A multi-stakeholder approach is needed to make these solutions work for smallholder farmers, supported by catalytic capital for their development and scale-up.

A paper on enhancing access to markets for Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)

Though FPOs can enhance access to markets for farmers and reduce inefficiencies in agricultural value chains, most struggle to gain better market access and lack adequate opportunities. This report, based on stakeholder consultations Samunnati and MSC conducted with experts in the agriculture sector, provides recommendations to address these challenges.

The power of unified digital agricultural services

Digital agricultural services are gaining ground globally and transforming agriculture for smallholder cultivators. The unification of these largely unintegrated services offers a stronger proposition for actors in agricultural ecosystems. This blog explores how the journey of unification can be started and the opportunities it offers stakeholders.

Innovations and coping strategies for food security at the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 is likely to have a widespread, deep, and prolonged impact on every sector and segment. In this blog, we discuss some innovations and practical solutions for governments and other stakeholders to consider to aid food security and to protect the livelihoods of smallholders

eNAM platform to digitize the marketing of agricultural produce in India

India’s eNAM platform enables trading of primary agricultural produce and connects markets through an online platform. MSC has been supporting the central and the provincial governments in the design, policy reforms, and implementation of the eNAM program. Many of the design improvements have been accepted and implemented. The cumulative volume of electronic trade on eNAM had crossed about INR 482 billion (USD 6.5 billion) by September, 2018.

Developing micro-insurance ecosystem in Mozambique

The insurance industry and the culture of insurance in Mozambique are in an evolving stage. Given the current state of micro-insurance in Mozambique, it is very essential to have a focused approach towards developing an enabling ecosystem in Mozambique.

So many steps forward … And now one big step back

After the progress made on setting a regulatory and policy framework to enable financial inclusion, this blog raises concern over the decision that puts a cap of 1% for agent transaction.

Are Banks All Set to Dominate Domestic Remittance Market in India?

Driven by the government’s financial inclusion agenda, as the BC model expands in multiple forms, banks and BCNMs are experiencing new consumer demand and expectations.