Puneet Chopra


Puneet Chopra heads the Banking and Product Development, Agriculture and Allied Services, and Private Sector Development Domain at MSC.

He is an expert in business planning, strategy and operations, consumer research, product development, and innovation. Puneet specializes in distribution channels, marketing, process re-engineering, and project and program management. With a career spanning over two decades, he has diverse experience in various roles and capacities across banking, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, information technology, media, entertainment, and transportation industries.

Posts by Puneet Chopra

KYC harmonisation study

KYC harmonization study was undertaken to analyze the existing Know Your Customer (KYC) practices of first-time customer on-boarding by service providers (Banks, Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Money Operators, and Pre-paid Payment Instrument issuers) with respect to the prevailing regulatory landscape.

Democratising Financial Services

In addition to Aadhaar, the India Stack is likely to transform payments, financial services and consumer protection in India.

e-KYC and the India Stack – A Transformative Blueprint for Emerging Markets

The authors discuss how Aadhaar-enabled e-KYC could be beneficial in accelerating uptake and the usage of digital financial services in India.

Can Self-Service Channels Be The Next Frontier Of Financial Inclusion?

As the Indian rural populace becomes technology savvy and with improving rural connectivity, the authors explain how self-service digital channels will become increasingly important.

Impact of policies and regulations on the microfinance sector

The report is based on a study conducted under the guidance and support from College of Agricultural Banking (CAB), Reserve Bank of India, Pune. The report brings forth perspectives on the impact of regulatory and policy regime on microfinance institutions and its customers.

Market readiness for mobile money interoperability

Interoperability of mobile financial services offers great benefits for the wider ecosystem. This blog explores the impact of interoperability on financial inclusion.

Does the new inclusion scheme risk adding a Rs. 1,000 billion subsidy burden?

Here the author reviews the comprehensive financial inclusion scheme launched by the Prime Minister of India and concludes the scheme has right intent but needs meticulous attention to cover potential pitfalls.


Speaking with us, Puneet Chopra, MSC’s Domain Leader- Digital Financial Services: Banks/Product Innovation, shares his views on business correspondent model in India and explains how interoperability of BC channels can enhance the confidence of stakeholders, such as the government, banks and BCNMs, in the system. Taking the conversation ahead, he observes the dichotomy of what is […]