Different types of farmers and other producer cooperatives or collectives have been in existence in India for years. These collectives are increasingly playing a vital role through advantages of economies of scale and scope. They can be suitable units for interventions to improve incomes and well-being of smallholder farmers, share croppers and landless labourers. Increasingly, there is a sharper focus on nurturing and building robust farmer collectives at scale.

However, very little data or granular insights are available for farmer collectives. MicroSave undertook a short study to fill this information gap. This study covered producer organisations (POs), particularly farmer collectives (FPOs), across seven states in India. The main focus was to assess the current state of these collectives, understand their needs and aspirations and assess the gaps. The report brings out insights on PO forms, organisations, structures, management, governance, operations, business performance, earnings, needs, expectations, maturity levels and several other important aspects regarding farmer collectives.

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