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Impact of COVID-19 on routine healthcare services and ASHAs

The report studies the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on key elements of India’s health system framework—community demand, provision of health services, and community health workers. It also provides recommendations to better prepare the healthcare system of India to tackle shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mid-day Meal Scheme : Moving from food to nutrition security

The Government of India is already doing notable work through the Mid Day Meal program. However, it can evolve further if state governments are encouraged to pilot new interventions to improve nutrition output and monitor the program. From providing students with breakfast in Kerala and Gujarat, to encouraging mothers of students to take a more active role in checking quality, learn how several impressive endeavors continues to evolve the Mid Day Meal program.

Mid-day Meal Scheme : How India feeds 115 million children every school day

Over the years, India’s Mid Day Meal program has capitalized on improvements in the digital infrastructure in the country to incorporate systems that enable real-time monitoring and quality checks. Learn more about this flagship initiative