Elizabeth Berthe


Elizabeth Berthe leads Réseau Helix under MSC. Réseau Helix provides training and consulting services to the francophone markets.

Elizabeth Berthe is a digital financial service expert with over 15 years of experience gained through projects with international funding agencies, NGOs, mobile network operators, MFIs, and other private sector companies across sub-Saharan Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Haiti, and the Philippines. Before joining MSC, she was the Senior Director of Financial and Social Innovations at Mercy Corps and the Director of Mobile Financial Services at the Grameen Foundation. Elizabeth specializes in strategy, business planning, product development, and technical assistance design.  

Posts by Elizabeth Berthe

Opportunities in digital financial services related to jobs in Sub-Saharan Africa

With over 10 to 12 million young people entering the job market yearly on the African continent, the private sector, despite its dynamism, cannot create enough jobs to absorb them. The global jobs crisis has exacerbated the vulnerability of young people in terms of (i) higher unemployment; (ii) lower quality jobs for those who find […]