The Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) project is a four-year research project in the following eleven focus countries, managed and conducted by MicroSave/the HelixInstitute of Digital Finance. It is the largest research initiative in the world on mobile money agent networks, designed to determine their success and scale. Pakistan is among 11 African and Asian countries participating in this research project, selected for its contribution to the development of digital financial services globally.

The second wave of the survey for Pakistan, funded by Karandaaz Pakistan, investigates how Pakistan’s mobile money market has evolved since the previous wave of the study in 2014. The survey report is based on over 2,000 mobile money agent interviews that were conducted across Pakistan. The research focuses on operational determinants of success in agent network management, specifically the agent network structure, agent viability, quality of provider support, compliance and risk as well as other important strategic considerations. The study also looked at Pakistan Specific Topics such as BVS Regulations and Gender. The survey is designed to provide valuable insights for the digital financial sector in Pakistan and provide recommendations for developing sustainable networks of mobile money agents. This report highlights the key findings on the mobile money agent landscape in Pakistan.


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