Re-imagining agent network management- What have we learnt?

This report is an aggregate of the data and the lessons learnt by the Helix Institute on how to design and develop an agent network throughout the four years that we have conducted the ANA project.

At The Helix Institute of Digital Finance, we have spent the last four years researching the different facets of strategic operations in digital finance that really drive success.  We started with the Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) project which conducted large quantitative surveys of agent networks in ten countries around the world.  We have interviewed over 34,000 agents in eleven countries namely; Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Senegal, Zambia and Benin.  While we release country reports on the major findings, we also aggregate the data and teach the lessons learned on how to design and develop an agent network in courses at the Helix Institute. This is a presentation of the lessons learnt in four years of ANA project.

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