Peter Charagu

Peter Karah is an Analyst in the Digital FInancial Services domain of MSC. He conducts both primary and secondary research and data analysis on the projects.

Peter Karah is a Business Analyst at MSC. He currently supports the digital financial services domain in both primary and secondary research and data analysis on on-going projects. His areas of interest are Digital Financial Services, Financial Management, and Social Development. Prior to joining MSC, Peter worked with AIB Capital, a stock broker in Nairobi Securities Exchange, where he analyzed market performance of companies being traded and offered insights on their future performances.

Posts by Peter Charagu

Covered! How informal youth workers in the gig economy can be insured

In this blog, we highlight how MSC uses its behavioral and human-centered research to understand the dynamic nature of work for the youth, especially those in the informal sector, risks that affect them, and their everyday use-cases to design effective microinsurance product concepts for gig platforms and workers.

Formal financial services, informal workers: How can financial services work for the gig economy?

The informal sector offers abundant opportunities for the youth in Kenya to generate income, though it has its challenges like poor and irregular pay and a host of other challenges. Read more on what can be done for the gig platform economy to offer better working conditions for the informal workers.

Digital readiness assessment and preparedness for governments payments

This video highlights the opportunities and impacts we have seen from digital readiness assessments in different social benefit initiatives across Africa and Asia.

Blankets and wine for financial inclusion – Beyond digital access

In this post, we highlight the need for digital financial service (DFS) providers to invest even more in adapting their products and services for this segment, even in the so-called mature digital economies.