Alex Silva

Alex is the Founding Partner of Omtrix. He is also the Executive Director of Calmeadow, a Canadian NGO through which he promotes initiatives addressing various bottlenecks that affect the microfinance industry worldwide.

Alex Silva has over 30 years of experience in international finance especially in the areas of evaluation of financial intermediaries, financial engineering, strategic planning, and corporate finance. He has experience in the markets of Latin America and the Caribbean and maintains regular communication with several bilateral and multilateral institutions in the region. Currently, as founding partner of OMTRIX, he is responsible for the consulting business and the direction of HEFF and Calmeadow. Alex has served as a board member of numerous MFIs and organizations in countries that include almost all of Latin America as well as the US.

Posts by Alex Silva

Failures in Microfinance Lessons Learned 2

“In this video series-2 Alex Silva, a microfinance pioneer, explain in detail the major reasons for the failure of microfinance institutions – an important topic that – so far- has not been talked about. Without doubt, practitioners from around the world stand to benefit from this seminal study of Latin American MFIs. Explaining these failings, […]

Failures in Microfinance Lessons Learned 3

In this video series-3, Alex Silva, a microfinance pioneer, summarises the details of the study of MFI failures, gives important recommendations for MFI sponsors, managers, and funders, such as: recognise microfinance as financial intermediation, focus on risk management systems, and create good corporate governance. Detailing on the specific conclusions of the study, Alex recommends donors […]

Failures in Microfinance Lessons Learned Part 1

In this video series-1Alex Silva, a microfinance pioneer focuses on the need to study the failures of microfinance institutions so the new generation practitioners can avoid those pitfalls and learn from the past mistakes. Studying the 10 unsuccessful MFIs in the past 10 years in Latin America, Alex outlines six major reasons for the downfall […]