Cheryl Frankiewicz

Cheryl Frankiewicz is an Independent Consultant in Ontario, Canada. She has worked as the Program Director at the Microenterprise Policy Institute and as a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant at the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

Cheryl has 24 years of experience in building human and organizational capacity for greater financial inclusion. She specializes in diagnostic and design services, training and workshop facilitation, training-of-trainers, and coaching. Cheryl is currently developing an e-portfolio of resources for facilitators of learning and change using the 9Buckets framework.

Posts by Cheryl Frankiewicz

Costs and Benefits of Pilot Testing for Product Development

This briefing note emphasises on pilot testing as an important component of a new product development process which in turn helps institutions to become more viable and profitable.

Cost and Benefits of Market Research for Product Development

This note illustrates importance of market research in the entire product development process, which is often neglected by most of the institutions.

Costs and benefits of market research and pilot testing for new product development in microfinance

This document explores the costs and benefits recorded by MFIs that have chosen to incorporate market research and pilot testing into their new product development processes.