Devesh Kumar

Dr. Devesh Kumar, a Doctorate in Management, is a project manager - Marketing & Innovation with Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (JEEViKA).

He has over 13 years of experience in enterprise promotion for rural & marginal sections of society. His areas of expertise include FPO promotion and nurturing, creating agri-commodities market linkages & related innovations, business establishment & development, setting up processing industries at the grass root level, infrastructure arrangements at the farm gate, and organizing fairs like Saras Mela at a national and state level. At present, he is involved in various innovative business models for women members of Bihar.

Posts by Devesh Kumar

Overcoming challenges in Farmer Producer Company (FPC) scaling and sustainability: Lessons from JEEViKA in Bihar

FPCs are powerful tools to allow smallholder farmers more control over the markets where they trade. This helps to transform agriculture productivity and increase small-scale producers’ incomes. However, cluster-based business organizations should recognize the inherent challenges that FPCs face and learn to address the pitfalls in managing FPCs to realize their potential. This blog outlines these challenges and share insights to address such pitfalls.