Gerhard Coetzee

Gerhard Coetzee leads Customer and Provider Solutions at CGAP (working on customer-centric business models, financial innovations for smallholder households and digital finance solutions).

Gerhard was also a Head of Inclusive Banking Strategic Initiatives at Absa Bank (South Africa) responsible for its branchless banking proposition, founder and Director of the Centre for Inclusive Banking in Africa, Professor in Agricultural Economics at the University of Pretoria, technical lead and CEO of a consulting firm (owned by DAI) and had several senior roles at the Development Bank of Southern Africa. His specialization areas are development finance, financial inclusion, agricultural finance, and rural development. He is published widely and has worked in several countries, the majority in Africa. Gerhard holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Posts by Gerhard Coetzee

Understanding the Re-birth of Equity Building Society in Kenya

This study report starts with Equity Bank’s market and how that translates into a product range and delivery system.

Innovative approaches to delivering microfinance services: Credit indemnity in South Africa

This study documents the process, its success and hurdles of Credit Indemnity in South Africa, through the eyes of its management, staff, clients and other stakeholders in the financial industry.

Taking banking services to the people: Equity’s Mobile Banking Unit

This paper explains the structure of each of the mobile banking units in Kenya and their further evolution.

Innovative approaches to delivering microfinance services: The case of Capitec Bank

This paper briefly captures the origin, history and the structure of Capitec Bank. It is a story of institutional growth, formalisation, and the development of products.

Use and Impact of Savings Services among Low Income People in South Africa

This paper discusses how low-income people in South Africa (SA) save, how they use different savings services/systems and the impact of these savings facilities on their household budgets/lives.

Use and Impact of Savings Services Among Poor People in Zambia

This study shows the importance of savings for smoothing out peaks and troughs in income and expenditure in Zambia

Drop-outs Among Selected Zambian Microfinance Institutions: Causes And Potential Impact On Product Design

The note examines why the MFIs in Zambia suffer such remarkably high levels of drop-out amongst their clients.