Hugh Allen

Hugh Allen is the CEO of VSL Associates, a company that focuses exclusively on supporting savings group work worldwide.

Hugh Allen started out as a VSO in Kenya and has worked in international development since 1970. He worked exclusively in overseas development in the initial years and shifted to microfinance in the early 1990s. He set up VSL Associated Ltd. in 2006 to make Savings Groups his only focus. Hugh has published numerous manuals and set up the online SAVIX MIS, which is used by over 1,500 institutions worldwide to track the performance of their Savings Group programs.    

Posts by Hugh Allen

Community Managed Microfinance Part 2

In this video series-2, Hugh Allen, Founder of VSL Associates, Ltd discusses the emerging issues of community managed microfinance and their examples in the world. He further talks about where this methodology works best, and what are the risks we face as community managed microfinance moves forward. Going into the details, Hugh notices the industry’s […]

Community Managed Microfinance Part 1

In this video series-1, Hugh Allen Founder of VSL Associates Ltd., discusses the major features of community managed microfinance and the nature of their clients. He also discusses the common obstacles in such community managed programs. Explaining the workings of a community managed microfinance in Africa, he says that a community managed groups consist of […]