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SPM Case Study: Nirantara – Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise

In this note, SPM intervention led to significant improvement in staff productivity, client dealings through functional literacy programmes, and focus on social orientation through provision of non-financial services.

SPM Case Study: Sambandh – Building Client Relationships

MicroSave recently conducted SPM assessment on Sambandh, which brought out the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and areas for improvement in process optimisation, credit risk management and incorporating social indicators etc.

SPM Case Study: Asirvad – The Balance of Social Aspirations and Financial Realities

In this note, SPM intervention led to improvements in product design, client protection, staff incentives, transparency, professional quality services, and sustainability with a goal of increasing outreach to the unbanked.

Integrating Social Performance Management into Governance of MFIs

This note focuses on effective designing of motivation packages for staff as well as putting in place client protection measures for preventing over-indebtedness, fraud, client privacy along with other aspects.

Integrating Social Performance Management into Strategic Business Planning of MFIs

This note talks about the approach of MicroSave that has been of viewing SBP and social performance management (SPM) as integrated rather than stand-alone processes.

Social Performance Management in India: Seeking a Market-led Approach

This note concludes that a market-led approach to SPM is one part “truth in advertising”, one part “risk management” and one part “common business sense”.

Institutional Culture and Transformation: From NGOs to Market-led MFIs

This note focuses on the experiences of Indian NGO-MFIs, and looks at what to expect and how to manage the institutional culture shift that accompanies transformation.