Moumita Sen Sarma

Moumita Sen Sarma is the Director of Isha Leadership Academy and a former VP of ABN AMRO Bank.

Moumita Sen Sarma is a Chartered Accountant by training and has served the Financial Services sector for the last 21 years in several capacities. She has served as the Vice President and Head of Microfinance and Sustainable Development at ABN AMRO Bank in India as well as a Board Member of ABN AMRO Foundation. Prior to that, Moumita worked at the American Express Bank and SRF Finance. She is also a stakeholder member of the Global Reporting Iniatives (GRI), Amsterdam.

Posts by Moumita Sen Sarma

Microfinance Is Not An Easy Business!

This focus note journeys through the emergence, history and present status of microfinance in India. It discusses the various stages of evolution while highlighting key challenges of each stage.