Nikita Dhingra

Nikita is working as an Analyst in MSC's Government and Social Impact division in India with three years of experience. She is a budding economist turned development sector consultant with three years in quantitative research, data analysis, impact assessment, and public policy with government institutions. Her work involves evaluating the government's financial inclusion initiatives, helping them with strategizing and policy formulation for the same. Also, conducting impact assessment surveys, primary field research, used extensive data analysis techniques to design project implementation strategies.

Before joining MSC, Nikita was working with the National Statistical Office, Ministry of Statistics, and Programme Implementation as a Consultant in Environmental Economics. She was involved in implementing the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting-Central Framework (SEEA-CF) to Indian environmental accounts and undertaking studies on India's Air Quality. She has a postgraduate degree in Economics from Madras School of Economics and a graduate degree in Economics from Hindu College, Delhi University. She is fluent in Hindi and English

Posts by Nikita Dhingra

A review of the effectiveness of India’s Direct Benefit Transfer system during COVID-19: Lessons for India and the world

This paper examines the use of existing cash transfer programs and the payment infrastructure used for the timely delivery of PMGKY benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Additionally, the paper draws insights from PMGKY beneficiaries’ cash withdrawal/access preferences and experiences during the pandemic.

Are pensions reaching the “last mile”? Insights into the digitization of payments—Part II

Second in a two-part series, this blog provides recommendations to address the challenges and gaps in the last-mile delivery of pension payments under the National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP).

Are pensions reaching the “last mile?” Insights into the digitization of payments —Part I

In this blog, we provide the background and rationale for the inception of National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP), details of the various sub-schemes, digitization of pension payments, and the challenges associated with last-mile delivery. It details on the different last mile delivery challenges associated with the pension payments owing to digitization of payments