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Covid-19 – Responding to the other pandemic

A crisis is a great opportunity, especially for research. Try telling that to Malti Devi in Bihar, the poverty bowl of India. Her flower crops wilted even as places of worship closed their doors. In remote Kenya, Agnes was manufacturing trinkets for tourists. She knows that they are not coming, not now or in the near future.

This website is a tribute to Malti Devi, Agnes and countless women braving the ‘Other Pandemic’. We do not capture facile stories of poverty. Presented here is the economic impact of the crisis and the financial pain it has left in its wake. We salute poor women who have been plunged, it seems, into a bottomless pit. Even as we capture the events unfold, we are sure of one thing – poor people will rebound. Not because of handouts and doles but because of their sheer energy and grit. We dedicate this website to Malti Devi, Agnes and the many poor women across the globe. They have taught us so much and continue to be a source of endless learning and inspiration.

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