Signature Projects

Cordaid Netherlands and MSC collaborated to provide technical assistance to seven MFIs in Africa. The collaboration developed agricultural finance products to improve access to financing among farming households. MSC worked with seven financial institutions and contributed to the design of seven credit products. The intervention helped the MFIs to disburse USD 3 million to smallholder farmers, ultimately reaching 1.3 million smallholder farmers.
Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) hired MSC to provide technical assistance for SELF MF Tanzania, which provides loans to banks and MFIs in Tanzania. MSC developed seasonal agriculture loan products, which successfully reached many more farmers than before. By mid-2018, three partners had disbursed loans worth USD 500,000 to smallholder farmers in Tanzania.
India’s eNAM platform enables trading of primary agricultural produce and connects markets through an online platform. MSC has been supporting the central and the provincial governments in design, policy reforms, and implementation of the eNAM program. Many of the design improvements have been accepted and implemented. The cumulative volume of electronic trade on eNAM had crossed about INR 482 billion (USD 6.5 billion) by September, 2018.
MSC worked with IFC to train and build the capacity of Indian farmer producer companies on governance, financial management, risk management, and business planning. The program resulted in nearly a million smallholder farmers being trained. Many financial service producers adopted the curriculum, as MSC’s training now enables them to train producer organizations.
MSC worked with ACRE Africa to design a cost-effective, village-based, insurance product promotion model. During the pilot phase, the outreach model increased adoption of the weather index seed insurance by 10%. The partner has since adopted the model to reach smallholder farmers in remote rural areas of Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Since then, ACRE Africa had underwritten more than USD 75 million to mitigate against weather-related risks.

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