MSC’s “Low-Income Lives” is a series of publications that uncovers how the poor manage on small incomes. These insights have emerged from a large body of careful, evidence-based, and in-depth research in selected geographies. The writings provide an opportunity to learn about the lives of the poor as they deal with small incomes, based on solid data from groundbreaking field research.

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Stuart Rutherford

Consultant/University of Manchester

Sally Cawood

University of Leeds

Jonathan Morduch

New York University

Timothy Ogden

New York University

Joe Devine

University of Bath

David Hulme

Manchester University

Mathilde Maitrot

University of York

Guy Stuart

Microfinance Opportunities

Billy Jack

Georgetown University

Anit Mukherjee

Centre for Global Development

Susan Johnson

University of Bath

Daryl Collins


Julie Zollmann

Independent Consultant