The role of tech-enabled formal financing in agriculture in India

India is home to 146 million farmers, 86% of which are small and marginal farmers. Although agriculture is a key economic activity in India and employs almost 55% of the population, access to finance remains a challenge for most farmers, especially the small and marginal ones.

While financial institutions remain reluctant to offer credit to small and marginal farmers, the growing landscape of AgTechs in India plays a crucial role in enabling financing for farmers.

This report highlights the skewed penetration of formal financing in agriculture and the landscape of AgTechs in India. It also points out the challenges that financial institutions and AgTechs face while financing farmers and concludes with various support areas to improve the ecosystem for AgTechs in India.

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Written by


Mohit Saini

Senior Analyst

Shweta Menon


Anil Gupta