“Yes I get it. Small deposits do make sense.”: Lessons from a pilot with Airtel Payments Bank on client communication

Airtel Payments Bank had tailored its Bharosa account to suit the small savings needs of its rural clients. However, its agents could not get the required footfall at their outlets due to low client awareness levels. This deck covers a client communication concept we tested to increase product awareness of APB clients.

A weak client communication strategy leads to low customer awareness of the offerings of rural CICO agents. As a result, the product uptake at these agent points remains low and hurts their incomes. MSC developed a client communication message focused on behavioral communication around small savings. We piloted the message in a rural area where APB had planned to expand its operations. The pilot results show that women who heard the audio clip saved 54 times more than women from similar geographies whom the message did not reach. This deck charts the journey of this pilot.

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Anant Tiwari


Akhand Tiwari