Are agtechs a panacea for farmer adoption of climate resilient agriculture?

Learn more on how AgTechs are helping smallholders on climate-resilient agriculture right at FIW22 with Edward Bikketi of MicroSave Consulting as he moderates the session with a panel of experts on: “Are AgTechs a panacea for farmer adoption of climate-resilient agriculture?”

The adverse effect that climate change is having on farmers and their farming operations cannot be disputed and includes reduced crop yield, access to nutritional food, and increased production costs. This session will touch on farmer vulnerabilities induced by climate change and whether climate resilient agriculture practices will help farmers alleviate the impact of weather-related changes. In this context we will discuss how farmers can be nudged to adopt climate smart agricultural practices. Integral to this discussion is the role that agtechs play in this dynamic, what is the business case for their services, and the barriers and opportunities they foresee as they attempt to tackle one of the most pressing development challenges of the century.

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