Akhand Tiwari


Akhand Jyoti Tiwari is a Partner at MSC and leads BFSI work. Akhand brings multiple years of experience in development consulting.

He works closely with policymakers, practitioners, academics, and investment & donor agencies. Akhand's recent work includes strengthening policies and practice on financial inclusion, and unpacking barriers to gender equality to promote women's economic empowerment. Akhand also actively guides MSC's work on unpacking behaviour of low and middle income segments; and using design thinking to solve strategic and tactical challenges of MSC's clients.

Posts by Akhand Tiwari

Measuring Willingness to Pay

This Note presents the development and the implementation of an innovative qualitative research tool directed at determining the level of ‘Willingness To Pay’ (WTP) for BC services.

Clients’ Willingness to Pay “Reasonable Fee” for BC Services

This Note discusses whether end customers are willing to pay for financial services delivered by Business Correspondents, and if yes, how much are they willing to pay.

Comparing Business Correspondent With Informal Saving Avenues

This Note focuses on comparing informal saving avenues with “Business Correspondent” (BC) services on a variety of attributes.

Why People Do Not Use Present Banking Systems – A Case For BCs

This Note examines the difficulties faced by low income households accessing banking services and presents a case for the acceptance of BC model for expanding the reach of banking services.

Understanding remittance networks in Gujarat, Orissa and Bihar

This research explores the remittance options currently available to Indian migrant workers in Gujarat and recipient families in rural Orissa and Bihar. It also examines the benefits of a business correspondent remittance service.

Relative risk to the savings of the poor in Rajasthan

In order to understand how poor people save and the relative risks involved, MicroSave conducted a study in three different Indian states – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu this past year. This paper highlights learning from Rajasthan.

Optimising agent networks in Uttar Pradesh

In an effort to better understand the customers’ needs and their criteria for the optimal BC model, MicroSave conducted a research study in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat in 2010-2011.