Anurodh Giri

Anurodh is a Senior Manager in the Digital Financial Services—Government and Social Impact (GSI) domain of MSC.

Anurodh is a financial consultant with over 10 years of experience gained through projects with central and state governments, MFIs, Bank, FMCG, and donors in the development sector in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Srilanka, Uganda, Kenya, and the Philippines. He has implemented projects in strategy and business planning, project management, product development, market research, risk management and internal controls, and digital financial services.  

Posts by Anurodh Giri

Developing a Tool to Assess Client Protection

This Note highlights the steps required to implement the ServQual tool, the rigorous process taken to develop and test the tool and the potential of the tool to assist financial service providers.

Marketing Lessons for the E/M-Banking Sector from India’s Corporate Giants

This Note portrays some of the successful rural marketing strategies of Indian corporate and attempts to show how these strategies can be adopted by Indian e/m-banking service providers.

Product Marketing Strategies for E/M-Banking (4/5)

This Note focuses on explaining the importance of product marketing strategy for e/m-banking service providers.

Exploring dormancy in no frills savings accounts in Rajasthan

This MicroSave research aims to understand the reasons for widespread dormancy in No Frills Accounts opened through various service providers like public and private sector banks, RRBs and business correspondents.

Leveraging Unique Identification (UID) for Mobile Banking in India

This Note takes a closer look at how UID can make m-banking more accessible in India.

Comparing Business Correspondent With Informal Saving Avenues

This Note focuses on comparing informal saving avenues with “Business Correspondent” (BC) services on a variety of attributes.

Understanding remittance networks in Gujarat, Orissa and Bihar

This research explores the remittance options currently available to Indian migrant workers in Gujarat and recipient families in rural Orissa and Bihar. It also examines the benefits of a business correspondent remittance service.

Relative risk to the savings of the poor in Uttar Pradesh

In order to understand how poor people save and the relative risks involved, MicroSave conducted a study in three different Indian states – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu this past year. This report focuses on Uttar Pradesh.