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Caribou Data insights help a range of businesses to better understand their markets and their potential customers, providing the first cross-platform, cross-network source of digital behavioral data in emerging markets.

Caribou Data offers a new way of seeing the nuance and complexity of how people engage with digital products and services in day-to-day life. Their device-level data enables clients to better understand how the consumers they care about get online, communicate, use apps, consume content, make financial transactions, and more.

Posts by Caribou Data

The role of DFS agents during the Covid-19 crisis

In the time of COVID-19, agent networks in Kenya are coping with lock-downs and curfews, social distancing and hygiene, and reduced hours of bank operations. Using near-live data from the Caribou Data platform and MSC’s extensive experience on agent networks, the blog attempts to understand the situation for mobile money and banking agents on the ground in Kenya.