Daryl Collins

Daryl is currently working as an Independent Consultant. She was the Managing Director and CFO at BFA.

Daryl is a seasoned executive with a proven track record of growing a global business. She is the co-author of the acclaimed book "Portfolios of the Poor" and a co-creator of the Financial Diaries research methodology. Daryl has also been the Professor of Finance at the University of Cape Town.

Posts by Daryl Collins

Financial education – Time for a re-think?

Traditional financial education is missing the mark both in terms of content and pedagogical approach. This blog states how MicroSave is continuously exploring alternative approaches to financial education.

Financial Education – Time for a Rethink?

This Note makes the case that it’s time to re-think the process of financial education to merge it with product marketing, thus making it more relevant for customers and FIs.

Portfolios of the Poor: Implementing Lessons Learnt

In this video, Daryll Collins, co-author of “Portfolios of the Poor” and Senior Associate, Bankable Frontier Associates, talks about implementing lessons from Portfolios of the Poor in South Africa.

Portfolios of the Poor: Measuring Impact Study of New Initiatives

In this video, Daryll Collins, co-author of “Portfolios of the Poor” and Senior Associate at Bankable Frontier Associates, explains the impact study of new initiatives in financial services for the poor in South Africa.