David Cracknell

David Cracknell is the Director of First Principles Consulting Limited, a consulting company dedicated to helping financial institutions, regulators, and policy makers.

David Cracknell was the Managing Director—Africa and later the Global Technical Director at MSC. He has over two decades of experience in financial inclusion, banking, and enterprise development. David has authored numerous technical papers and articles that have contributed to the development of multiple tools and training courses of MSC. He is skilled in business planning, analytical skills, market research, management, and proposal writing. Before joining MSC, David worked as the Enterprise Development Manager in the The Department for International Development (DFID) in Bangladesh.

Posts by David Cracknell

Guiding Financial Institution Strategy: Working on Small Data

It is remarkable how little use is being made of ‘small data’ ― the information that is directly available on a financial institution’s customer base, from the banking system itself.

Predictions for Regulators of Digital Financial Services

The author predicts the future of mobile money based on his experiences, market insights and observations from working many years within the mass financial sectors and in Digital Financial Services.

The Safaricom M-PESA Pilot Test

This Note highlights one of the least recognised success factors – the careful pilot testing of the M-PESA solution. The Note highlights the key lessons learned through the pilot-test.

Strengthening SACCO Societies in Kenya

In this video, MSC’s David Cracknell speaks in length about the initiatives to support SACCO Societies in Kenya. He further mentions how MicroSave in cooperation with Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) in Kenya will be introducing training curriculum for credit, delinquency management and Institutional risk.

Customer service – More than just smiles

What role does customer service play for any market-led financial institution? Here the author shows why excellent customer service must be a “prime directive” for any market-led financial institution.

Agent Network Accelerator Survey: Nigeria Country Report 2014

After years of market development, digital finance in Nigeria has still yet to take-off.  The market is still experiencing some regulatory impediments, but most of all, providers need improved strategic approaches to their anchor products, core operations and expansion strategies. 

Do the M-PESA Rails Contribute to Financial Inclusion?

The Note examines progress towards financial inclusion in Kenya, and concludes that while M-PESA’s rails offer the potential, Kenya may yet have to wait to realise affordable, effective financial inclusion.

Riding the M-PESA Rails: Advantages & Disadvantages

This Note examines if, how and where financial institutions are realising the potential of M-PESA to make their systems more efficient and their products more accessible.