David Cracknell

David Cracknell is the Director of First Principles Consulting Limited, a consulting company dedicated to helping financial institutions, regulators, and policy makers.

David Cracknell was the Managing Director—Africa and later the Global Technical Director at MSC. He has over two decades of experience in financial inclusion, banking, and enterprise development. David has authored numerous technical papers and articles that have contributed to the development of multiple tools and training courses of MSC. He is skilled in business planning, analytical skills, market research, management, and proposal writing. Before joining MSC, David worked as the Enterprise Development Manager in the The Department for International Development (DFID) in Bangladesh.

Posts by David Cracknell

Innovation and Adaptation on the M-PESA Rails

This note examines some of the savings and related services offered to the low-income market segment using M-PESA ‘rails’, and highlights the challenges they face.

Analysis of Financial Institutions Riding the M-PESA Rails

This paper analyses the FIs riding the M-PESA rails stating that many M-PESA customers find formal banking services inaccessible or expensive, and the advantages of transactions by phone is preferable.

Practical Advice to Reach a Tipping Point in M-Banking Solutions

M-banking is maturing into a global industry, such that to determine the steps that providers have taken to reach. This note seeks to provide pointers and ideas for achieving scale.

M-Banking Agent Selection

Selecting the right agents is critical to the success of a mobile banking initiative. This Briefing Note reviews agent selection, management and retention.

M-Banking Liquidity Management

This Briefing Note examines how to design successful liquidity management systems and the issues that arise.

The Market Led Revolution of Equity Bank 

In 1993, the Central Bank of Kenya confirmed that, as Equity Building Society, it was technically insolvent and inadequate management. This note outlines the success factors underlying the remarkable change.

Lessons from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme (2006)

This note documents the progress made under the Action Research programme of MicroSave during 2006.

A Market-led Revolution – Equity Bank’s Continuing Story

This paper documents the history of Equity bank’s remarkable journey and assesses some of the lessons that can be learned by others. It also provides the details of the bank’s strategic and operational history.