George Mugweru

George Mugweru is a Market Systems Specialist in Habitat for Humanity’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter (TCIS). He is responsible for supporting design, coordination, implementation and sharing lessons and emerging best practices in inclusive Housing Market Systems Development.

George Mugweru worked as a Senior Financial Services Analyst at MSC from August 2010 to June 2014. Since leaving MSC George worked as a Housing Microfinance and Housing Support Services Lead in Habitat for Humanity Kenya as a housing microfinance expert for the “Building Assets, Unlocking Access” project, in Kenya and Uganda implemented by TCIS. George has over 13 years of experience as an accomplished financial services expert. His work has included the implementation of projects focusing on improving financial capability and literacy to low-income households, market research and financial service product design. He has consulting experience in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.


Posts by George Mugweru

Agent Network Accelerator Survey: Nigeria Country Report 2014

After years of market development, digital finance in Nigeria has still yet to take-off.  The market is still experiencing some regulatory impediments, but most of all, providers need improved strategic approaches to their anchor products, core operations and expansion strategies. 

M-Shwari: Market Reactions and Potential Improvements

Customers also have a series of specific recommendations to improve the M-Shwari product which is outlined in the Note.

Do the M-PESA Rails Contribute to Financial Inclusion?

The Note examines progress towards financial inclusion in Kenya, and concludes that while M-PESA’s rails offer the potential, Kenya may yet have to wait to realise affordable, effective financial inclusion.

Riding the M-PESA Rails: Advantages & Disadvantages

This Note examines if, how and where financial institutions are realising the potential of M-PESA to make their systems more efficient and their products more accessible.

Innovation and Adaptation on the M-PESA Rails

This note examines some of the savings and related services offered to the low-income market segment using M-PESA ‘rails’, and highlights the challenges they face.

Analysis of Financial Institutions Riding the M-PESA Rails

This paper analyses the FIs riding the M-PESA rails stating that many M-PESA customers find formal banking services inaccessible or expensive, and the advantages of transactions by phone is preferable.