David Cracknell

David Cracknell is the Director of First Principles Consulting Limited, a consulting company dedicated to helping financial institutions, regulators, and policy makers.

David Cracknell was the Managing Director—Africa and later the Global Technical Director at MSC. He has over two decades of experience in financial inclusion, banking, and enterprise development. David has authored numerous technical papers and articles that have contributed to the development of multiple tools and training courses of MSC. He is skilled in business planning, analytical skills, market research, management, and proposal writing. Before joining MSC, David worked as the Enterprise Development Manager in the The Department for International Development (DFID) in Bangladesh.

Posts by David Cracknell

Fintech in Uganda- Implications For Regulation

A wide variety of FinTech firms are emerging globally and indeed, also in Uganda. These firms are offering new products and services underpinned by new technologies. There is much hope that these new approaches to delivering financial products and services offer the potential to bring about benefits to consumers in terms of increased access, speed, […]

David Cracknell in Conversation with CGTN on Mobile Money and Digital Credit in Africa

David Cracknell, Global Technical Director, MicroSave in conversation with CGTN Africa on Mobile Money and Digital Credit in Africa. Catch full coverage here.

Agent Network Accelerator Research: Nigeria Country Report 2017

The second wave of the ANA Nigeria study is focused on identifying strategic gaps and opportunities for scaling-up Digital Financial Services, with highlights on the implementation progress following the Helix Institute’s recommendations in the ANA Nigeria research conducted in 2014.

Foresight in a FinTech Forest – Financial Technology Drives a Digital Banking Response

Why financial institutions must make critical choices if they are to compete in the new digital finance world.

Progress and Challenges with KYC and Digital ID

The blog highlights the progress and challenges with KYC and digital identification

Redefining Retail Banking – Agency and Beyond

Under the right circumstances, agency banking can reduce costs; it can assist a financial institution to on-board new customers.

Agency Banking at the Frontier

The presentation by David Cracknell, Global Technical Director MicroSave highlighted the opportunities that lie within agent banking, but at the same time cautioned banks on the challenges of the model.

Delivering Quality in Financial Services – Redefining Customer Service

In addition to Aadhaar, the India Stack is likely to transform payments, financial services and consumer protection in India.