Hannah Siedek

Hannah Siedek is a Microfinance Impact Investment Officer at European Investment Bank, Luxembourg.

Hannah Siedek is a passionate senior consultant with 14 years of experience in microfinance strategy and operations and technology-enabled delivery models. Her career started at CGAP/The World Bank where she acquired experience and knowledge in a range of different challenges facing the access to the finance industry. During her 3 years with the CGAP Paris office, she was deeply involved in the aid effectiveness initiatives of the donor consortium. When moving to CGAP Washington DC in 2005, she joined the newly created Technology Programme and focused on designing projects for alternative delivery channels, including mobile banking- and agent banking services. To complement her World Bank experience, Hannah joined ProCredit Holding AG in 2008 and became the Managing Director of ProCredit Bank Congo, DRC and an executive member on the bank’s Board of Directors. During the three years with ProCredit, she oversaw the organizational restructuring of the bank to enable the regional and national expansion, she managed the introduction of SME loans, grew the branch network from 6 to 17 branches with a first-time expansion into regions outside the capital city, and helped grow staff numbers to 500. Following this very intense operational experience, Hannah worked as an independent consultant from mid-2012 till September 2015. Today Hannah Siedek works as Microfinance Impact investment officer at the European Investment Bank (EIB).

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