Ignacio Mas

Ignacio Mas is Executive Director at the Digital Frontiers Institute.

Ignacio Mas is an executive director and co-founder at the Digital Frontiers Institute, a new organization that is developing a professional development network and training course around digital money and payments. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Fletcher School's Council on Emerging Market Enterprises at Tufts University. Previously, he was Deputy Director in the Financial Services for the Poor program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Senior Advisor at the Technology Program at CGAP. He has been Director of Global Business Strategy at Vodafone Group, Executive VP of Marketing and Account Management at DoCoMo interTouch, and Senior Manager responsible for telecoms investments in Europe for Intel Capital.

Posts by Ignacio Mas

The need for intuition rather than simplicity around account features

“We usually talk about the need for formal financial services to be simple. But what we need is for services to be intuitive.” The author applies it to account features.

Replicating Behaviours of Planning Physical Money through Digital Money

As we move from defining and storing value in physical commodities (cash, chickens, jewellery etc.) to digital money, how do we help poor people understand and use the brave new world of e-money? How do poor people manage their money? Why are basic No-Frills Accounts so unsuccessful? How might we take the answers to these […]

Naming sub-accounts to trigger intuition (and fun) around customer intentions

Along with MicroSave, Ignacio Mas shares his experiences and learnings from MetaMon project – that how difficult it is to create a generalizable metaphor for money management.

Understanding complex human financial behaviour: Alternative approaches

What drives the financial decision making of the poor? Here MicroSave team heads out to decipher the inherent thinking process behind these decisions through its research project – MetaMon.

Basing product development on mental models and metaphors

This blog delves deep into the whys of financial decisions and how people think of money. The author argues understanding mental models and metaphors are key to product design.

The State of Bank-led initiatives for E/M Banking and it’s potential

In 2012 Ignacio Mas worked with MSC to look at the state of digital financial services in India, the type of products that poor people want, and the role of microfinance institutions/SHGs in digital financial services systems. Ignacio also ran a training for all MSC staff, and we then asked him to record some of […]

Searching for metaphors of household financial management

This report summarises the intent, activities, outputs and key lessons from an ambitious program of field work which sought to capture vividly and succinctly the essence of how ordinary people think about the management of their money and resources.

Can Mobile Banking Deliver on the Promise of Financial Inclusion?

We interviewed Ignacio Mas to find out what he thinks about mobile banking and its role in increasing financial inclusion.