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Learning from (and about) India´s Emerging Digital Money Grid

There is a lot to learn from the emerging digital money grid in India. The blog focuses on the Indian DFS ecosystem.

Eko In India

Eko is a Business Correspondent (India’s term for banking agent) serving the State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank and Yes Bank.Eko is effectively running multiple agent networks in tandem and therefore providing a third-party specialist model for banks.

Making Digital Financial Services Relevant – Part 3

The authors discuss design ideas and principles to make Digital Financial Services relevant for the mass markets.

Making Digital Financial Services Relevant – Part 2

In this blog, the author explores mobile money mechanisms used by customers for managing money and the key drivers for adoption of these mechanisms.

Making Digital Money More Relevant, More Often – Part 1

“How do we make mobile money more inclusive and relevant in the daily lives of people?” Part 1 of the blog series explores mass market customer profile.

Designing Successful Distribution Strategies for Digital Money

In this report Ignacio Mas and Mike McCaffrey document the variety of ways in which digital financial service providers in developing countries have assembled and managed networks of retail stores as their agents for cash in/cash out payments and for account and product sales.

UTL Telecom’s M-Sente (Model 4: Build on GSM airtime distributors)

UTL chose to build an agent network directly on top of its GSM network. Thus far it has registered 8,000 agents, 2,700 of which are active on a 90 day basis.

United Commercial Bank Limited (Model 3: Piece together with smaller master agents)

United Commercial Bank Limited (UCB) is reported to have 149 branches and 101 ATMs in Bangladesh. UCB originally wanted to build its own agent network so it could maintain a high level of control over its agents, ensuring both compliance with Bangladesh Bank regulations, and a high level of service for customers.