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Closing the Gender Gap: Opportunities for the Women’s Mobile Financial Services Market in Bangladesh

This report aims to catalyse the financial inclusion of financially underserved Bangladeshi women through improved MFS adoption.

Re-Imagining the Last Mile – Agent Networks

This Policy Note explores some ideas and thoughts which can help the policy makers and regulators to achieve their vision of complete financial inclusion.

Making Digital Financial Services Relevant – Part 2

In this blog, the author explores mobile money mechanisms used by customers for managing money and the key drivers for adoption of these mechanisms.

NBFC-MFIs as business correspondents – What will it take?

Following from the previous blog, the third part explores the avenues available for banks and MFIs to operate as agent network managers in a way that is mutually beneficial.

MFIs and Digital Financial Services: What Route Should MFIs Take?

There is probably a value proposition for both MFIs and Digital Financial Service Providers to partner with each other to facilitate the delivery of financial products and services. There are several ways in which these partnerships can work. In this video, MSC’s DFS expert, Denny George, examines some of these partnership modes from MFIs’ perspective.

MFIs and Digital Financial Services: Why Should MFIs be Interested?

MFIs might prove to be ideal partners for many e/m-banking service providers. However, in the absence of a clear cut value proposition, chances are that they just might not be interested. In this video, Denny George examines the potential value propositions for MFIs to have a stake in the evolving digital financial services ecosystem.

MFIs and Digital Financial Services: Why MFIs?

MFIs are considered pioneers in enabling financial access to low income customers worldwide. However, they have been by and large absent from the emerging narrative of technology enabled financial services facilitated by innovative use of e/m-banking mechanisms. In this video, Denny George examines why stakeholders should take a fresh look at MFIs and their capability […]

Access to credit in Andhra Pradesh post microfinance crisis

A study conducted by MicroSave in Andhra Pradesh in 2011 highlighted the importance of MFIs as a source of accessible micro-credit for the low-income segment.