Denny George

Denny George is the Founder of Project Annadanam, an initiative of Rozi Roti Foundation to connect people who are willing and able to donate food and those who really need it.

Denny worked as a Senior Manager in the Payments and Distribution domain of MSC. He is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Denny is skilled in business planning, banking, financial inclusion, and rural development. Before joining MSC, he worked as a Solutions Manager at ICICI Bank Ltd.

Posts by Denny George

MFIs and Digital Financial Services: What Route Should MFIs Take?

There is probably a value proposition for both MFIs and Digital Financial Service Providers to partner with each other to facilitate the delivery of financial products and services. There are several ways in which these partnerships can work. In this video, MSC’s DFS expert, Denny George, examines some of these partnership modes from MFIs’ perspective.

MFIs and Digital Financial Services: Why Should MFIs be Interested?

MFIs might prove to be ideal partners for many e/m-banking service providers. However, in the absence of a clear cut value proposition, chances are that they just might not be interested. In this video, Denny George examines the potential value propositions for MFIs to have a stake in the evolving digital financial services ecosystem.

MFIs and Digital Financial Services: Why MFIs?

MFIs are considered pioneers in enabling financial access to low income customers worldwide. However, they have been by and large absent from the emerging narrative of technology enabled financial services facilitated by innovative use of e/m-banking mechanisms. In this video, Denny George examines why stakeholders should take a fresh look at MFIs and their capability […]

Access to credit in Andhra Pradesh post microfinance crisis

A study conducted by MicroSave in Andhra Pradesh in 2011 highlighted the importance of MFIs as a source of accessible micro-credit for the low-income segment.

Implementing a Bank Supervised Agent Network

In this Note, we explore how banks can potentially address challenges associated with pursuing a “bank managed/supervised” approach to agent networks in the business correspondent model

Bank Managed Agent Networks – The Challenges

This paper discusses the challenges banks are likely to face in building and managing their own agent networks.

The Case for a Bank Managed Agent Network in the Business Correspondent Model

In this Note we outline the core incentives to adopt a directly managed agent network.

Mobile money – Influencers of success

In this study, we attempt to examine some notable mobile money deployments across the globe.