Pawan Bakshi

Pawan Bakshi leads the Financial Services for the Poor in India at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Pawan is a Digital Financial Services Specialist with over 25 years of experience. He has driven several large programs across a number of geographies that covered the spectrum of strategy, advocacy, tech and operations for mobile commerce, mobile payments, social projects using mobile money, digital financial inclusion, cross-border remittances, strategic consulting, research, enterprise knowledge management, and process implementation. Pawan was the Associate Director of Digital Finance at MSC where he led the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Agent Network Managers (ANMs) Practice Group.

Posts by Pawan Bakshi

G2P Payments in India – How a 1% DBT Commission Could Undermine India’s Financial Inclusion Efforts

This presentation highlight show a 1%DBT Commission Could Undermine India’s Financial Inclusion Efforts

What’s Undermining India’s Financial Inclusion Progress?

The blog recommends that the government set an adequate rural DBT commission rate of at least 3% for the first few years of PMJDY.

How a 1% DBT Commission Could Undermine India’s Financial Inclusion Efforts

This PB focuses on last-mile banking agent (Bank Mitr) networks that will disburse DBT payments and enable customers to access their bank accounts.

Agent Network Accelerator Survey – Bangladesh Country Report 2014

Bangladesh has created many unique systems for agent network management which are yielding world-class results especially with regards to liquidity management.  However, transaction volumes and profits are low compared to East Africa and support structures are still developing. The research is based on 2,490 nationally representative agent interviews, carried out between March and April 2014. […]

Beware the OTC trap: Is there a way out?

Our earlier blogs focused on how OTC was growing rapidly but the key stakeholders were not satisfied. The question we have been asked often – is there a way out?

Beware the OTC trap: Are stakeholders satisfied?

Preceding the sentiments presented in the previous blog on over the counter (OTC), our interactions with various stakeholders indicate that not all are actually happy.

Beware The OTC Trap

We are seeing that MNOs and banks are increasingly trying to go the OTC route in the developing world – look at Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana and India. The burning question is, why? There could possibly be several reasons, the needs of the MNOs, the needs of the banks, and the needs of the customers.