Prabir Barooah


Prabir Borooah is a Senior Manager in Digital Financial Services Domain of MSC India, focussed in Payments & Distribution. He has close to six years of experience in research and analysis, project management and stakeholder engagement in the financial services sector spanning across rural and inclusive banking to digital financial solutions. He has worked on projects with banks, mobile network operators (MNOs), agent network managers (ANM), microfinance institutions (MFIs), and government agencies in India, Bangladesh and Liberia. His areas of expertise include: Project management, mobile money operations, customer experience mapping, user interface evaluation, strategy and product development, institutional assessments and risk analysis, market research, channel design, process re-engineering, institutional branding, marketing and communications, pilot planning and roll-out support, monitoring and evaluation, developing analytical frameworks and policy analysis.

Posts by Prabir Barooah

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