Johan N. Diaz

Johan N. Diaz is currently working as Transport Head (Business Development) at AF Payments Inc. in NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines.

Johan has worked with MSC as Analyst helping develop business in Manila, Philippines region. He has worked with different organisations in the Philippines and Kenya, including the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and assisted them in various projects that involved market research, product development, strategic marketing, product costing and pricing, and human resource management. He is also a certified trainer in the toolkits Market Research for Microfinance, Costing and Pricing, and Pilot Testing.

Posts by Johan N. Diaz

A Closer Look at Multiple Borrowing in the Philippines

This Note presents summary results of a study which looked at this phenomenon in the Philippines. The study aimed to contribute to the body of knowledge to understand multiple borrowing.

Over-indebtedness in the Philippines: Clients’ perceptions

This research aims to provide market information to financial institutions on over-indebtedness in order to help them develop client protection strategies. The information can also help financial institutions protect their biggest asset, their loan portfolio, from delinquency.

Savings for the Poor in the Philippines

The Savings for the Poor Innovation and Knowledge Network (SPINNAKER) was created by a group of professionals with a mission to help financial institutions develop, research, compare, and ultimately improve the design, marketing and delivery of savings products for the poor.